The AGGER® Ultra model is high-quality Bluetooth accessory in combination with the small earpiece of Ultra series (4 mm). This set operates on the base of Bluetooth technology that allows being completely wireless. Accessory supports Quick Connect technology. The convenient navigation button will allow you to operate calls without use of the mobile phone. The accessory provides 8 hours in talk mode and up to 8 days in standby mode.

    The Ultra series micro earpiece is the brand-new development of Agger Technology Company. It is the best model in the European market now. The micro earpiece possesses all the best characteristics, absolute reliability and the super compact size. The technology of noise silence provides accurate sound transmission even in the noisiest places. Disadvantage is higher cost in comparison with other models.

    AGGER® Ultra set is a leader of AGGER model range.

Next equipment is included to the standard set:

  • Wireless micro earpiece
  • Bluetooth module
  • USB cable
  • Batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • 5 years official guarantee.


Size (mm) 4.8x4.6x4
Voice filter Vox 1.2
Work time 5-6 hours
Guarantee 5 years
Bluetooth/wired module
Module Bluetooth 2.0
Call button yea
Work time 4 hours
Guarantee 5 years

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