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Difference between AGGER Nano and other AGGER models?


 You understand that you need for the small earphone to pass end-of-term exams or for the important presentation, but you do not know what model to choose? This article will help you.

    If the size matters?

    The AGGER Pro, AGGER Ultra and AGGER Spy models are equipped with micro earphones with size of 4 mm and 10 mm. Such earphones independently reproduce the sound and represent the capsule of body color. There are the built-in loudspeaker, sound filter and battery inside. The device is taken from the ear channel by means of special line or a magnetic extractor.

    The AGGER Nano model is completed with neodymium magnetic micro earphones, which have tiny sizes (only 2 mm). The design and the operational principle of AGGER Nano cardinally differ from other models. Therefore, Nano micro earphones are like the silvery tablet, they have no built-in loudspeaker and battery; they place directly on the eardrum and transmit sound signals by means of vibratory motions. Devices are extract from ear by means of special magnetic extractor.

    What model to choose?

    First, it is necessary to decide if you need that micro earphone was imperceptible for 100%. Micro earphones of Pro, Ultra and Spy series can be found by close inspection that can be critical, for example, for students. Nano series micro earphones completely exclude the possibility of detection even by close inspection, but at the same time, they are more difficult in use (check the manual instruction for more details). We recommend considering conditions of using and sizes at the choice of model of micro earphone.