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What is a wireless micro earpiece?

    The wireless micro earpiece is a small device for reception and transfer of sound signal. The micro earpiece will allow you to communicate with other people by mobile phone absolutely imperceptibly. The micro earpiece and the communication module, which is intended for contact with the mobile phone and signal transmission to the micro earpiece, are included to the standard set. The micro earpiece can have the sizes from several millimeters up to one centimeter, and the communication module can be connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth or 3,5mm audio socket depending on model.

    The mobile phone also has to be by you during using the wireless micro earpiece. The accessory is synchronized with help of it. You should only call or answer the entering call to activate the earpiece. There is a highly sensitive microphone on the Bluetooth module. Speaking in a whisper, you will be able to ask your interlocutor who will tell you necessary information. The micro earpiece is easily taken from the ear channel after using completion.

    • Sound quality: Ideal audibility is guaranteed even in noisy rooms thanks to leading edge Sound-flex technology. At the same time, the micro earpiece is produced taking into account anatomic features of auricle structure. Moreover, it means that the sound will be ideally heard, but it will remain inaccessible for people around at the same time.

    • Operating time: Operating time of one battery is 4-12 hours (it depends on model of the micro earpiece and producer of batteries). Replacement does not demand the professional tool or special skills. After total charge of Bluetooth accessory, you can use it for 10-12 hours in speaking mode.

    • Action radius: Mobile communication is taken as the basis of work. It means that it is possible to use wireless micro earpiece everywhere where there is a signal of cellular communication. The distance between interlocutors is not important. The main thing to be in network cover zone

     Scopes of wireless micro earpieces:

    • Study: examination and other types of educational tests – for the right answers on questions and tasks.

    • Business: conferences, presentations, seminars and other important actions – for an accurate, competent, laconic presentation of material.

    • Various actions: carrying out of show programs, competitions, and performance with speech etc. – for answers to tricky questions, and for quick and adequate response to program change or situation in the hall.

    • Gambling: for the hidden negotiations with the partner or information receiving from "observer" to handle the situation and to increase the chances of prize.

    Also, the wireless micro earpiece will help you in many other situations when there is a need to transfer and obtain information imperceptibly from people around.