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    The biggest producer of wireless micro earpieces.

    LLC Agger Technology company is more than 10 years the producer of AGGER™ micro earpieces. Our company invites for cooperation of new dealers due to the expansion of sales geography. The purpose of Agger Technology cooperation with partners is creation of mutually advantageous cooperative business. In other words, our purpose is to make so that by means of our production, you could increase constantly profitability of your business, and, as a result, derive from it more pleasure. We are sure that only such approach is able to afford to construct mutually beneficial relations. Be sure, that cooperation with Agger Technology is the correct decision.

    Formats of cooperation with Agger Technology:

    Wholesales of micro earpieces: purchase of high-quality micro earpieces by wholesale directly at the producer that guarantees you the lowest prices, the shortest time of delivery and the prompt service.

    Franchise: the excellent decision for beginners in the micro earpieces sphere. Buying the franchise of Agger Technology, you will receive not just goods, you will receive ready business. You will get full advertising and technical support, the start goods packet that is necessary for the optimum beginning of business and such unique advantages as the right of placement on our website and our invaluable long experience in the sphere of micro earpieces sales.

    Advantages of cooperation with AGGER Technology:

    We are not at stop, we quickly react to changes of a situation in the market and we make quickly the necessary decisions – from pricing up to production of innovative goods. Cooperating with us you will always be one-step away ahead of competitors. We produce goods of faultless quality; we appreciate reputation of our trademark.

    We do not pursue excess profit. Buying our production, you can be sure that you bought qualitative production at the smallest price.

    We are always open for dialogue: At any time, you can quickly receive from us the interesting information.

    Our company fundamentally differs from competitors by approach to work with partners. Our view of cooperative business is not just sales. It is the cooperative growth and development.

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