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    Agger PRO Box Lite is one of the most popular models today! Brand-new Bluetooth model from Agger Technology Company. This Bluetooth model is not required wearing on the neck!!! The broad functionality and excellent quality of accessory in combination with reliability of the PRO earpiece (10 mm) ensure 100% of device invisibility.

   Connection to your device is carried out on Bluetooth technology that provides wireless connection, and the highly sensitive microphone catches the slightest whisper at the distance up to 8 meters! This set operates on the base of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and supports A2DP profile and Quick Connect technology. The convenient navigation button will allow you to operate calls directly from accessory without using the mobile phone. Agger PRO Box Lite is compatible to any mobile device that allows being absolutely universal.

   The PRO series micro earpiece AGGER® is optimum price/quality ratio. Loud and fine sound, the increased operating time, sound filter are one of few advantages of this micro earphone which make it the most reliable and practical, meeting high requirements of consumers.

    Next equipment is included to the standard set:

  • Wireless micro earpiece
  • Bluetooth module
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual
  • 5 years official guarantee
Size (mm)
10 x 4.5
Beige / Black
Standby time
Up to 8 hours
Standby time
Up to 5 hours

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